Book Review Links

These links will take you to the archives of "Reformed Review." The book reviews are listed alphabetically. "The Reformation Continues" is an article. "The Problem of Polarization is a review of my book.
Calvin and Scottish Theology: The Doctrine of Assurance
Arminius: A Study in the Dutch Reformation
The Restitution of Man and the Case against Scientism
Running from Reality
Religious Ministry in a Transcendentless Culture
Theology and the Philosophy of Science
Defending and Declaring the Faith: Some Scottish Examples
So Rich a Soil: John McLeod Campbell on Christian Atonement
Truth and Community: Diversity and its Limits in the Ecumenical Movement
Berkouwer's Doctrine of Election: Balance or Imbalance?
Philosophy of Religion: Thinking about Faith
Brains, Machines and Persons
The Reformation Continues: A Study in Twentieth-Century Reformed Theology
The Problem of Polarization: An Approach Based on the Writings of G C Berkouwer

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