Sunday, 27 November 2016

Jesus Christ - The Risen Lord

Mark 16:1-20
"Who will roll away the stone ... ?" (Mark 16:3) - They were looking for men to do this. God had already done it!
"Jesus was crucified. Jesus is risen" (Mark 16:6).  
"Go, tell His disciples and Peter" (Mark 16:7).
"He is going ahead of you" (Mark 16:7) - Jesus is already ahead of us. He's leading us into the future He's already prepared for us.
"just as He told you" (Mark 16:7) - The Lord is leading us on to His eternal glory. This is the fulfilment of His promise (John 14:1-3).
This leading on into the future is seen in the life of Peter. His sin is left in the past. He's led on to Christ's future. He's no longer remembered as Peter, who denied the Lord. He's Peter, the evangelist. In Peter, we see preaching and power (Mark 16:20).

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